Croatian Pavilion Zagreb, Inc

August 6-12, 2017 - West Kildonan Collegiate - 101 Ridgecrest Avenue

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Ambassadors are spokespeople for the Folklorama festival and cultural heritage showcased at their pavilions.

Each pavilion has two adult ambassadors (18 years of age and above) and two youth ambassadors (12 to 17 years of age). They are well versed on their ethnic heritage, out-going and personable, and volunteer within their pavilion during the festival!


Adult Ambassadors - Adriana Paulic & Gloria Lambeta
Youth Ambassadors - Laura Garic & Ivana Zorica


Adult Ambassadors - Mike Flanjak & Adriana Paulic
Youth Ambassadors - Laura Garic & Alyvia Flanjak


Adult Ambassadors - Danica Brnjas & Nick Marinic
Youth Ambassadors - Ivana Zorica & Kevin Garic


Martina Cubela is proud of her ethnic heritage, culture/faith and upbringing and she looks forward to representing her community this summer during Folklorama. As a member of St Nikola Tavelich Parish community for the past 16 years, an Honor roll student, volunteer, track enthusiast and competitor, Martina is excited about Folklorama and participating on a larger scale and looking forward to teaching others about the beauty of her culture.

Gabriela Cubela is a very gifted young lady who is proud of her ethnic heritage & faith – She looks forward to Folklorama and all the meeting, greeting and teaching opportunities she is able to share with the visitors to the pavilion. An active member of St. Nikola Tavelich Parish for the last 18 years - sharing her ethnicity is something that is effortless for Gabriela.

First time ever at the Croatian pavilion - Our Gabriela Maria was honored to represent the city of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba at Miss Teen Canada in 2012, she made Croatian’s and Winnipegger’s everywhere very proud.

Marko Zorica has been involved since his early years as both a dancer and actively involved at St. Nicholas Tavelich Croatian Catholic Parish/Community. He is thrilled to represent the community as an Adult Ambassador as well as Assistant Coordinator to the Croatian Pavilion "Zagreb" Inc. He will proudly serve and represent the Croatian Pavilion.

Matthew Pichlyk is proudly representing the Croatian Pavilion "Zagreb" Inc. As both a dancer and an active member of the St. Nicholas Tavelich Croatian Catholic Church/Community, he is both honoured and will proudly serve his community as a Youth Ambassador. He looks forward to representing the Croatian Pavilion "Zagreb".


Adult Ambassadors - Danica Gospic & Miro Gospic
Youth Ambassadors - Tea Maric & Theo Garic


Adult Ambassadors - Carla Kraljevic-Coyle & Andrew Marinic
Youth Ambassadors - Tea Maric & Marko Zorica


Adult Ambassadors - Jennifer Brnjas & Zlatko Omerzo
Youth Ambassadors - Josipa Kraljevic & Andrew Marinic


Adult Ambassadors - Elizabeth Katherine Sloan & Zlatko Omerzo
Youth Ambassadors - Josipa Kraljevic & Andrew Marinic


Adult Ambassadors - Antony Paulic & Marijana Aracic
Youth Ambassadors - Adriana Paulic & Nikola Paulic

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